Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snowy Day!

We got the snow back and seems to want to stay for a while! But first! Some piccies I took last week!
Hubby saw a bucket which was frozen on the top and took it out and here you can see the frozen water taking shape of the bucket :) He had fun throwing it like a frisbee and having it shattered XD

Also another photo of the adorable calf that is now up and walking! Momma cow is so protective, always gave off a warning moo whenever we approach them.

And today we saw a juvenile eagle hanging around one of our trees this morning in the snow! Seems to be on a lookout for any rabbits to eat. Such a beautiful and majestic creature <3 It was busy watching us below playing with the doggie! LOL!

And a photo of the snowy wonderland we have right now to end the post <3


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