Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snowy Day!

We got the snow back and seems to want to stay for a while! But first! Some piccies I took last week!
Hubby saw a bucket which was frozen on the top and took it out and here you can see the frozen water taking shape of the bucket :) He had fun throwing it like a frisbee and having it shattered XD

Also another photo of the adorable calf that is now up and walking! Momma cow is so protective, always gave off a warning moo whenever we approach them.

And today we saw a juvenile eagle hanging around one of our trees this morning in the snow! Seems to be on a lookout for any rabbits to eat. Such a beautiful and majestic creature <3 It was busy watching us below playing with the doggie! LOL!

And a photo of the snowy wonderland we have right now to end the post <3


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cow Gave Birth To Calf! :)

Last night one of the cows gave birth on a full moon night! I took some photos of the full moon as well, it's just amazing how bright a full moon can light up the landscape with no street lamps.

And here how the full moonlight really lights up the white capped mountains at night. And the stars, so pretty! :)

My photos of the calf didn't turn out so good last night so this morning I went and took a photo of the mommy and new calf! Isn't it ADORABLE?! <3

Mama cow didn't want us to get close so had to keep a respectable distance from her and her baby. Such a good mommy :)

Hawaiian Luau Ice Skating!

It was a gorgeous day! The day before it was so snowy! Now look at the weather, blue skies and sunny out! :)

There was a Hawaiian luau ice skating event going on in the mall and I was really curious to check it out! With it being Hawaiian themed and all :) Plus it's been ages since I've ever been on ice skates, probably when I was 12-13 last time???
Here is the Hawaiian decorations in the ice skating ring a the staff members were wearing plastic flowery leis and grass skirts, it was cute XD

I pretty much suck in ice skating and I was like a yearling learning how to walk when I went on the ice and pretty much clung to the wall (and hubby) for dear life XD I was the only one there that pretty much couldn't skate and had little kids gliding past me gracefully on their skates :p

Here are the kiddies playing hockey and volleyball on the ice while listening to oldies music in the arena :)

We also got free slushies with cute little umbrellas for it! Reminds me a bit of shaved ice a bit :) Was a lot of fun and really enjoyed ice skating though! :D

And in other news, one of the cows my in-laws owns has given birth to a calf! Stay tune for the next post for photos! :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Bloggers! :)

Hope everyone had a loving Valentine's Day last week :) I sure did! Hubby surprised me with a candlelit dinner with his cooking of rib-eyed steak. Such a sweetie <3 Also we bought a mini fondue set so for dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries, oh la la ;)

Also we made some heart-shaped short bread cookies with sprinkles as well :D

Also! I must share! Before heading off job searching, we heard a couple eagles close by and there up on a pine tree, were two eagles chirping at each other. They were SOO cute! I know this is a crappy shot, but I zoomed in as much as I could since they were so high up and far away but glad to snatch some type of image of them :)

And just for laughs, not sure if any of you watch the cartoon South Park, but I drew and colored this drawing of me and the hubby as South Park characters XD Those of you who watch it will know why the hubby is drawn like that LOL!! South Park just seem to like having Canadians drawn like little Pac-Man-ish heads or something XD
And yes, I actually do have a cupcake hat like that ;p

That shall be it for now! Tomorrow we're going ice skating at a Hawaiian luau theme event and THIS I definitely need to check out! Might help out with the homesickness as well and will seem like fun :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Year of the Bunny!

Hi everyone! So sorry for the long hiatus, I've had had many weeks of computer problems but now that I have a working laptop that is up and running, I'm back to posting here again :) I have tons of photos to catch up with as well :O

Anyway, starting with the year of the rabbit, I should start off with some cute bunny photos! These two bunnies have been hanging around the yard all winter and are both inseparable, so cute <3

 They remind me of me and my hubby since they're both different colored and inseparable XD

Here's a few photos of a visit up in Victoria (still can't get over the 2 hour long drive O_O;) one weekend as well!

 Saw this cute little guy hanging outside my grandparents-in-law's window, eating up the bird seeds in the bird feeder. No wonder he's so fat! :)

And this tiny bird we saw sitting outside on the porch of my brother-in-law's place! It was almost close to the size of a hummingbird! It was so tiny! Glad I managed to take a quick pic of it before it flew off! Wonder what kind of bird it was :)

And today has been really nice and sunny! Was a beautiful day in Vancouver Island and managed to go out and get some vitamin D since we lack it here during the winter :p 
The family cat Loki seems to be enjoying the sunshine as well and found a spot by the window to bask in the sunlight as well <3

Anyways, that's all for today! Happy Bunny Year all! :)