Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Bloggers! :)

Hope everyone had a loving Valentine's Day last week :) I sure did! Hubby surprised me with a candlelit dinner with his cooking of rib-eyed steak. Such a sweetie <3 Also we bought a mini fondue set so for dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries, oh la la ;)

Also we made some heart-shaped short bread cookies with sprinkles as well :D

Also! I must share! Before heading off job searching, we heard a couple eagles close by and there up on a pine tree, were two eagles chirping at each other. They were SOO cute! I know this is a crappy shot, but I zoomed in as much as I could since they were so high up and far away but glad to snatch some type of image of them :)

And just for laughs, not sure if any of you watch the cartoon South Park, but I drew and colored this drawing of me and the hubby as South Park characters XD Those of you who watch it will know why the hubby is drawn like that LOL!! South Park just seem to like having Canadians drawn like little Pac-Man-ish heads or something XD
And yes, I actually do have a cupcake hat like that ;p

That shall be it for now! Tomorrow we're going ice skating at a Hawaiian luau theme event and THIS I definitely need to check out! Might help out with the homesickness as well and will seem like fun :)


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