Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

Wow just 24 more days till Christmas comes! So exciting! :) Funny how all the snow is pretty much gone here during this time of the year as you can see! XD The snow might come back later on though, you never know :)

Tried a bath bomb in the store Lush at Woodgrove Mall the other evening and it was wonderful! This one is called Dragon's Egg and the smell is so yummy and delicious! It also has gold glitter in the bubbles so do rinse off well especially if you don't want any glitter on you XD So far this one is my favorite of theirs though :)

Also me and the hubby bought a new addition to our family this Monday as well! Here's our little baby! He's a 2 month old green cheeked conure and I've named him Lau Lau! He reminds me the Hawaiian food lau lau which is SOOO good and one of the tastes I miss back home in Hawaii. But yes, delicious stuff! XD

Almost done doing Christmas shopping for everyone so might be able to complete it this Friday so I don't have to finally be a procrastinator like I have been every year, woot!! :D

Aloha for now! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

American Thanksgiving in Canada


Sorry I have been slacking a tad bit in my posts but just making a little update on how I had my first American Thanksgiving in Canada which was wonderful! Got the traditional home cooked Thanksgiving dinner with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course the turkey!

Also, anyone seen these adorable holiday Coca Cola bottles? I love them! Mom-in-Law got these from the store and they are very very adorable!

She also made the BEST pumpkin pie I have ever eaten in my life! Look at how delicious and gorgeous that looks :) Never thought pumpkin pie would taste THAT good since I'm so used to eating the store bought pie!

Also, many days of snow, the snow is finally starting to melt! Hurray! The trees are looking all green again and the sun is coming out more. There's even a pretty rainbow out, first rainbow I've seen in Canada :)
Anyways, that's about it for now, shall be posting more in the next post!

Aloha for now!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Skies Smiling at Me :)

This morning the sky was clear! No gray clouds and yes! It was a sunny day today! Cold but sunny XD What's great too is the roads are more clear which will make it easier to drive around :)
Been watching these icicles and just find it fascinating how they grow and grow each day :)

Behold the sun! Felt like I haven't seen the sun in forever! Time to get my vitamin D on  ^_^

Hubby refilled the bird feeder too and took a shot of this fat little happy chickadee eating away on some seeds. Love these guys :)

On the road this poor trucker dude was slipping and sliding around the road too! Good thing he managed to get control of his vehicle while we watched from a safe distance XD

After hubby finished his classes for the day, went to Woodgrove shopping center and the food court there has one of the most tastiest food places there I believe! Went to get some sushi there, the Dragon Roll which is my favorite and also taro flavored bubble tea. I'm a huge bubble tea fiend and they make great bubble tea there XD

So nice to see more holiday decorations coming up as well! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit, also with the Christmas songs playing in the mall, hehe good times :)

Went to Bath & Body Works and found this amazing piece of specimen that is a heaven sent for my dry and cracked skin. The Twisted Peppermint Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion has done a wonderful job keeping my skin moisturized. Also smells like sweet candy canes too, can't go wrong with that! ^^

Also got some books at the bookstore called Chapters which is basically pretty much like Barnes and Nobles and Borders. Coffee shop plus bookstore combined is a heavenly combo ;) The end of the day got down to temperatures about 20 degrees Farenheit. My fingers was so numb! ^_^;;

Got home and hubby went and started up a fire in the fireplace. He taught me how to start up fire in it too... basically it's not just throwing wood in and lighting a match XD

  Aloha for now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Monday!

First off, what a bright moon we had on Sunday night! The moon was so bright last night, you literally don't need a flashlight to roam outside O_O Keep in mind, the place I live has no street lights so yeah was quite amazing how the moon lit everything up! :)
Anyway, Monday was a very snowy snowy day. The drive this morning around 7:45am-ish wasn't so bad since the roads was cleared and was salted so we figured so far so good! 
Very pretty snowy early morning! But as we were heading off more, that's when we saw there was more snow going on than we thought!
Roads were pretty slippery and there was times where we couldn't see the road far ahead which was quite scary. We also drove past two car accidents where two cars fell in the ditch and there was some police and ambulance there.

Poor hubby's car and everyone else with cars parked outside the university all had snow covering them. ^^;

 This was on the drive home as well! Road was covered with snow when we got back .

 Finally made it home! And here was the current temperature! Coldest a girl from Hawaii has ever felt! O_O
Lesson learned when driving in snow is to drive carefully and slowly! Guess that is pretty obvious XD But yes, doesn't help to have snow tires as well, something new for me there, also thought it was interesting how some cars put chains on their tires to give the extra grip for snowy roads. Hopefully my hubby will be getting some snow tires soon so it will be more safer for us to drive out more often :)

For people driving in snow, drive safely and don't speed! Your life is more important than rushing out cuz you're late for work or just plain impatient! :)

And for a bonus, a video footage of us driving while the happy holiday song "Sleigh Ride" was playing on the car radio XD

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Has Arrived!

Maybe not officially in the calendars, sure, but having snow finally falling in, it's impossible to say that winter hasn't officially arrived right? Mother Nature says so! ;) We have received about 8 inches of snow that has covered everything! It's like heaven started to sprinkle powdered sugar down on earth... COLD powdered sugar! lol!

 Brrr.. those berries are freezing!

 There goes my husband wandering off to the cold wintry forest :)
Look at that, walking in that forest, just reminds me of those photos from holiday gift cards or calendars I usually see :)

On a last note, don't think the family dog Richelle all curled up isn't amused with the cold temperature as well! ;)

Aloha for now :)