Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hawaiian Luau Ice Skating!

It was a gorgeous day! The day before it was so snowy! Now look at the weather, blue skies and sunny out! :)

There was a Hawaiian luau ice skating event going on in the mall and I was really curious to check it out! With it being Hawaiian themed and all :) Plus it's been ages since I've ever been on ice skates, probably when I was 12-13 last time???
Here is the Hawaiian decorations in the ice skating ring a the staff members were wearing plastic flowery leis and grass skirts, it was cute XD

I pretty much suck in ice skating and I was like a yearling learning how to walk when I went on the ice and pretty much clung to the wall (and hubby) for dear life XD I was the only one there that pretty much couldn't skate and had little kids gliding past me gracefully on their skates :p

Here are the kiddies playing hockey and volleyball on the ice while listening to oldies music in the arena :)

We also got free slushies with cute little umbrellas for it! Reminds me a bit of shaved ice a bit :) Was a lot of fun and really enjoyed ice skating though! :D

And in other news, one of the cows my in-laws owns has given birth to a calf! Stay tune for the next post for photos! :D

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