Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello December!

Wow just 24 more days till Christmas comes! So exciting! :) Funny how all the snow is pretty much gone here during this time of the year as you can see! XD The snow might come back later on though, you never know :)

Tried a bath bomb in the store Lush at Woodgrove Mall the other evening and it was wonderful! This one is called Dragon's Egg and the smell is so yummy and delicious! It also has gold glitter in the bubbles so do rinse off well especially if you don't want any glitter on you XD So far this one is my favorite of theirs though :)

Also me and the hubby bought a new addition to our family this Monday as well! Here's our little baby! He's a 2 month old green cheeked conure and I've named him Lau Lau! He reminds me the Hawaiian food lau lau which is SOOO good and one of the tastes I miss back home in Hawaii. But yes, delicious stuff! XD

Almost done doing Christmas shopping for everyone so might be able to complete it this Friday so I don't have to finally be a procrastinator like I have been every year, woot!! :D

Aloha for now! :)

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