Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowy Monday!

First off, what a bright moon we had on Sunday night! The moon was so bright last night, you literally don't need a flashlight to roam outside O_O Keep in mind, the place I live has no street lights so yeah was quite amazing how the moon lit everything up! :)
Anyway, Monday was a very snowy snowy day. The drive this morning around 7:45am-ish wasn't so bad since the roads was cleared and was salted so we figured so far so good! 
Very pretty snowy early morning! But as we were heading off more, that's when we saw there was more snow going on than we thought!
Roads were pretty slippery and there was times where we couldn't see the road far ahead which was quite scary. We also drove past two car accidents where two cars fell in the ditch and there was some police and ambulance there.

Poor hubby's car and everyone else with cars parked outside the university all had snow covering them. ^^;

 This was on the drive home as well! Road was covered with snow when we got back .

 Finally made it home! And here was the current temperature! Coldest a girl from Hawaii has ever felt! O_O
Lesson learned when driving in snow is to drive carefully and slowly! Guess that is pretty obvious XD But yes, doesn't help to have snow tires as well, something new for me there, also thought it was interesting how some cars put chains on their tires to give the extra grip for snowy roads. Hopefully my hubby will be getting some snow tires soon so it will be more safer for us to drive out more often :)

For people driving in snow, drive safely and don't speed! Your life is more important than rushing out cuz you're late for work or just plain impatient! :)

And for a bonus, a video footage of us driving while the happy holiday song "Sleigh Ride" was playing on the car radio XD

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